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 Fall Food Garden Favorites

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Grape Vine
Grape Vine

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PostSubject: Fall Food Garden Favorites   Fri Oct 07, 2011 2:35 pm

Planting Schedule:

Late August through October, also some in November. I don’t worry about planting schedules. Right before a rain is good. Green beans need to get in relatively early.


Many of these will start to grow in the fall from seeds you let develop and fall to the ground the previous spring, before you get a chance to actively plant them!

Mustards (all are great), Collards, Chards (all, GrowItalian, KitazawaSeeds), Kale (‘Red Russian’, ‘Siberian’, ‘Lacinato’ or ‘dinosaur’), Sow Thistle (wild), Edible Chrysanthemum (KitasawaSeeds, greens), Dandelion (wild or cultivar), Endive, Lettuces, Arugulas, Cilantro, Parsley

'Oriental Green Zen', (CooksGarden) Plant seeds in fall and throughout the winter when the weather is warm. I have grown this for several seasons and cant say enough good things about it! The most long lasting, dependable, tender delicious fall green I grow! I plant once in the fall and harvest from the same plants all winter and early spring. You can even eat the young florets when it eventually does get around to making seeds. Save seeds for next year. Great stir fried with a little ginger, by itself or with other greens (especially good with mustard greens).

Japanese Radish Greens (‘Hattorikun’, KitazawaSeeds, greens, flowers, root, and seed pods), The Japanese radishes give delicious edible greens, mild long white radishes, beautiful edible flowers and finally crunchy tender seed pods. The young radish seed pods can be used raw in salads, stir fried, or pickled. Make sure to leave some to go to seed for next year!


Bush beans (‘Roma’), Pole beans (‘Cobra’, Thompson&MorganSeeds), Small white turnips (‘Hakurei’, KitazawaSeeds), Onions (bulb and perennial multiplying), Carrots, Bulb fennel (seeds and perennial from previous plants), Chinese broccoli (KitazawaSeeds), Broccoli (from plants),

Beets , ‘Beet Cylindra’, (GrowItalian). These beets are always sweet and can be harvested small or larger, though they never get really big. I usually just simmer them gently in lightly salted water, and then a bit of butter after draining. Plant seeds in the fall when the summer heat breaks, thin and (as with all beets) be patient. They seemed to self harvest; as they got big enough to harvest they grew up out of the ground. Always very sweet and tender, more so than Chioggia or Detroit varieties. An added bonus, the greens are also delicious and nutritious!.

Parsnips, ‘Turga’, (Seeds of Change, GrowOrganic.com.) Plant seeds in the fall when the temperatures are in the range recommended on the seed packet. Simply roasted with a little olive oil, salt, and a little water to get them started, until they are tender and the water has evaporated. I then toss them with a good bit of freshly harvested Italian parsley that has been briefly sautéed with some crushed garlic and a little butter. Delicious! Sweet and nutty with a texture somewhere between a potato and a carrot. The plants were beautiful and orderly, all in a row, until they were harvested in the spring.


These will last several years.

Sage, Oregano, Rosemary, Mint, Marjoram, Thyme ,Mexican mint marigold, Bay, Curry leaf and Kaffir lime (both from Logees)

Overlapping, still harvesting from summer crops……

Jerusalem artichokes. Sweet potatoes, Cholesterol spinach, Sweet potato greens, Lau (bottle gourd, for greens), Lablab (flat beans), Chaya, Egyptian spinach, Peppers, Eggplant, Okra, Winter squash (‘Hubbard’), Wild arugula, Climbing spinach, Herbs,…….
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Fall Food Garden Favorites
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