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 Simple habitat pond construction-great for wildlife and organic vegetable gardens!

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Grape Vine
Grape Vine

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PostSubject: Simple habitat pond construction-great for wildlife and organic vegetable gardens!   Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:44 pm

You don't need electricity, plumbing, or a filtration system to give our small native friends a great gift. It feels good to give back a little of what we have taken and a habitat pond (along with the accompanying native Texas plants) brings a yard to life with beauty!

The only life you add is native minnows so you don't breed mosquitoes. Any other creatures that should be in your pond will find it on their own!

Fun fact:
Dragonflies have been around since before the dinosaurs! They come in ALL colors and are the jewels of nature. They spend the first part of their life underwater and look more like beetles. They are voracious predators and slurp up mosquito larva like spaghetti! They also ensure your pond doesn't breed mosquitoes. They are pictured in slide number 12 at the lower right corner. When they are done growing they climb out of the pond, split their skin and crawl out. Now they are ready to hunt adult mosquitoes and other flying insects. Dragonflies will not lay eggs in a pond they hatched from, so there needs to be lots of little ponds to rotate through. All our human development has destroyed the natural little ponds that used to exist which is why the survival of these wondrous creatures is threatened.

Amphibians also need water to reproduce and so also are endangered.

Habitat ponds are not difficult to install or maintain and they benefit us (human and non-human) all!

habitat pond construction slide show
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Simple habitat pond construction-great for wildlife and organic vegetable gardens!
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