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 Butternut squash

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Bean Sprout
Bean Sprout

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PostSubject: Butternut squash   Thu Sep 16, 2010 9:12 pm

We planted three seedlings (from a local nursery) of buttternut squash, in our rose bush area in the back of the house. It is south facing. It was a little late in the season but still enough time to mature. We only got three small squash, not a high yield, but no maintenance except for one feeding with a liquid general purpose fertilizer. (Unlike our zuchini plants that got nothing). When I say a little maintenance you can see I let them have their way!

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Last week, we picked the earliest one, it was fairly tan, and had it for supper. It was still a little green in one spot but very good, tender and tasty. The other two are still plugging away, there are still a few more growing days left up here. They are about twice as big as the first one so we are excited!

We baked it with butter and nutmeg a little salt and pepper at the plate, and served with pesto sauce (home made, home grown basil -more later) on ziti and fryed halibut filet. Delicious! But then again Joan's a great cook.

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Butternut squash
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