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A forum dedicated to discussing how to easily grow organic food sustainably and inexpensively year-round in urban Houston settings, in individual and community vegetable gardens. Other food related issues are also discussed.
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 My Favorite Radio show

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Mustard Seed
Mustard Seed

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PostSubject: My Favorite Radio show   Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:40 pm


Food Chain Radio
is a weekly (downloadable or podcast) program about gardening and food.
It's produced by Michael Olson, author of a book entitled "MetroFarm" (which will be advertised once in each episode) and an advocate for "localism", community gardens, organic gardening & small farming.
It was from him that I learned that aspartame (Equal) is poison, raw milk (unpasteurized) is good for folks with lactose intolerance, and true organic gardeners who sell in local farmer's markets are being scapegoated for the crimes being committed by corporate factory agribusiness.


On the "Listen Now" button you can "save target as" and listen to it on your computer. You also podcast it from iTunes or stream it on Saturday mornings.

Recent shows:
Show #704: SLAVES TO FOOD (available for download Sunday)
Guests: Andrew Rimas, co-author of Empires of Food
Subject: History tells us when the harvest is good, civilization expands, but when the harvest is poor, civilization contracts. This lesson leads us to ask… What does the harvest portend for our civilization? Topics include a look at what happened to some of history’s great civilizations; how the food chain governed the expansion and contraction of those civilizations; and what the harvest portends for our civilization.

Show #700: FROM FOOD TO FREEDOM - 09-10-2010 (19.52 MB) Listen Now buy cd version
Guests: Michael Olson, Author, MetroFarm, Host, Food Chain Radio
Subject: Every once in awhile, like when you get to be 700, you should celebrate by doing something special. And so… The secret to economic viability is simple: Become a producer in a nation of consumers! And what could all those consumers want more than fresh, whole food? This chain of thought leads us to ask… Can we eat our way to economic security and personal freedom?
Topics include the emerging conflict between industrial and local foods; government’s participation in this conflict; and how, despite government, we can simply eat our way to economic security and personal freedom.

Show #699: GODS THAT DAMN FOOD III, THE KILL - 18-09-2010 (8.87 MB) Listen Now buy cd version
Guests: Judith McGeary from Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, Dr. Shiv Chopra from Health Canada, Senator Richard Durbin declined to participate
Subject: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Rahm Emanuel And so, to protect us from contaminated foods that come from thousands of miles away, government is passing truckloads of food safety legislation like S510. But this effort leads us to ask… Will food safety legislation kill local food?
Topics include a look at what foods are in crisis; who is telling government how to make food safe; and what impact S510 and related food safety legislation will have on our access to food.

Show #696: FOOD WITHOUT ELECTRICITY - 29-08-2010 (8.21 MB) Listen Now buy cd version
Guests: Jennifer Megyesi, Author, Root Cellar
Subject: Now this will likely come as a surprise to many, but its true! Before we had refrigerators, we had food! On behalf of all the surprised, we ask... … How did we preserve food without electricity?
Topics include a look into our grandmothers' root cellars; preservation techniques for meat, dairy and vegetables; and ways city people can cultivate a closer relationship with the foods we eat.

Show #695: DOCTOR OF ASHES - 21-08-2010 (9.21 MB) Listen Now buy cd version
Guest: Dr. Joel Wallach, author, Immortality
Subject: Those who live in some undeveloped nations are ten times more likely to live over 100 years than those who live in developed nations. Their diet of ashes leads us to ask… Why do they lead long, healthy lives while we do not?
Topics include the relationship of soil to health; what happens to our health when our relationship to the soil is severed; and why some live long, healthy lives by eating ashes.

"Now got out and find some food with a farmer's face on it!"
[url][/url]Food Chain Radio from MetroFarm

Disclaimer: I am not in any way related to or associated with Olson or his book or program except that I listen to each episode and very much enjoy it. The only payment I get is the information that makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist.
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Grape Vine
Grape Vine

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PostSubject: great resource!   Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:46 pm

Thank you for the info and links, I finally had a chance to listen to one of the shows, I will definitely come back for more! Hadnt heard of this before.
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My Favorite Radio show
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