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A forum dedicated to discussing how to easily grow organic food sustainably and inexpensively year-round in urban Houston settings, in individual and community vegetable gardens. Other food related issues are also discussed.
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 Summer veggies well into winter....

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Grape Vine
Grape Vine

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PostSubject: Summer veggies well into winter....   Tue Dec 21, 2010 6:30 pm

Here in Houston we have had a few very light, short freezes already. But some of our summer veggies are still loving the weather!

The perennial cholesterol spinach (salad and cooked greens) continues to produce lovely greens.
Tomatoes and peppers are still very happy.

Chef Tarsha just shared a beautiful, tender, sweet, eggplant from her garden at Ecotone last week.

European green beans, and purslane are also not giving up yet!

Die back, please, I feel guilty ignoring you but the winter veggies are in full swing and I haven't seen them for a year! queen
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Summer veggies well into winter....
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